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Project description

E-TFU stands for Empowering The FUture and is looking to support (empower) youths through the arts and the new media. We develop and implement vision, strategies and innovative tools for professionals and organizations eager to evaluate and improve the way they work with youths.

Who are we?

E-TFU is a collaborative effort of innovative organizations and universities from four European cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona and Berlin. All partners are committed to seeing the strength-based approach gain widespread acceptance in working with young people through art and new media.
E-FTU develops resources for an uncomplicated and low-threshold training programme, setting out from the action research method, whereby coaches plan, map out, evaluate and improve the way they work with young people.

What do we do?

At the heart of what we do lies a strong commitment to the everyday practice of professionals working with youths. Based on practices and research, E-TFU builds tools for an innovative and easily accessible Training Programme that enriches the coaching method of professionals working with youths.

We support youth workers with practical insights, reflections and tools, enabling them to put the way they do things under the magnifying glass, the idea being to give the youths a central and steering role in the activities, setting out from their existing situation.
We promote an accessible and feasible method of action research that enables professionals to scrutinize their work - in collaboration with youths, the organization and the work context.

We use creativity – arts and new media - as a means for a professional approach that enables youth workers to get a grip on their work in an increasingly more complex and diverse context.

E-TFU reaches out to professionals in order to map, evaluate, improve, communicate and legitimate the core of their approach, choices and results in working with youngsters.

What is our ambition?

E-TFU holds out the strong ambition to disseminate the rationale and training products of the project in Flanders, in the participating city regions and in the broader context of Europe.

The partnership is looking to benchmark a new praxis based on context, reflection, research, skills & competences for professionals who engage with youths from a vision based on the strengths, self-fulfilment, participation and creativity of youngsters.

Financed by

Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation
2011-2013 (2014)
EU - Life Long Learning programme
EPOS, Flemish National Agency


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