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What is Young Changemakers?

whatisThe website offers Young Change makers a tool that facilitates the creation, organization and execution of their projects. It is a window channel, a discussion forum, an organizational tool, a co-creation platform and a network device.

 The website provides various features that help the Young Change maker to make his/her project into a success.

Using the website, Young Changemakers can show the world who they are, what they do, and why they do it. They can also upload and download movies, photos and documents, set up online discussions or meetings and keep a schedule.

A very important feature of this website is that the Young Changemakers get the opportunity to get in touch with other Young Changemakers (on a regional, national and international level). Through this website, Young Changemakers can inspire each other, empower each other and help each other. With this website we want to let Young Changemakers all over the world know that they do not stand alone. It can even lead to new ideas and international co-creation


  • A website where people can show how a "change" they created impacted on their communities. Where they can request assistance on specific parts of the project, through a forum to discuss their project, where they can upload media, where they can build a sort of online portfolio.
  • Where visiting youngsters can respond, share and offer their help and learn from and be inspired by the YCM, who are already at work. Where interested youngsters can download documents, plans, project plans, etc. for themselves

Where starting YCMs can launch their portfolio or project.