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Young Changemakers distinguish themselves through four recognizable core values:

1. Just do it, and stick to it!
Young Changemakers do not wait for others to take action. They take the lead themselves and put their heart into it. Young Changemakers are leaders of their own accord, with a great sense of purpose. Not too much negotiation, not too much talk, but just do it and persevere!

2. Straight from the heart! 

Young Changemakers believe in themselves, they represent their ideas, they are passionate and will not be stopped by rules. Their initiatives and actions are an extension of themselves, and as such they are the sole owners of what they do. Young Changemakers are authentic, say it like it is and hold up a mirror to the world, straight from the heart!

3. Be the change!
Young Changemakers contribute to a better world. Whether this world is close to home or a 'world' away. They are the change and they know that they are leading examples. That is who they are and what they do.  

4. Move the crowd!
Young Changemakers know how to inspire people to climb on board and join in. They leverage the power of their network and expand it passionately like a magnet, ever attracting new connections. They give and receive inspiration, know-how, expertise, time and money to and from the people who support their ideas. Young Changemakers have an impact on the world around them and manage to find groups of people who will join them in their endeavours.