ARTLAB | Antwerp

ARTLAB: youngsters who want to work on an artistic project. In an open system they work on their own artistic projects over which they retain full responsibility. Art educators coach the youngsters in their creative processes.

YOUNG TENANTS | Berlin / Potsdam

In the “Young tenants” project youngsters and young adults from Berlin are given unused locations in the urban space to implement a cultural programme and put their idea of cultural praxis into practice.

The tenant rooms are accomplished in six different districts and are time-limited. Professional art organizations provide mentors for the young tenants, offering their skills and advice as and when required. In this context the PowerLab adapts the action research methodology and calls it "Pärflektionstreffen". This so-called “perflection” is an encounter of the tenants as the main actors of the project, together with professionals.

KABUA 2.0 | Barcelona

"Kabua 2.0” is a Virtual Learning Community created by and for youngsters, between 12-30 years old. 

The project aims to provide youngsters from formal, non-formal and informal contexts with learning opportunities through Challenge-based Learning experiences in order to enable them to empower themselves in interaction with others to actively take part in society.

UCEE station | Amsterdam

UCee Station is a media project for youngsters in place in neighbourhoods and at secondary schools in urban areas around The Netherlands. The www.uceestation.nl website contains radio shows, movies, clips, articles, interviews, columns, etc., created by and for youngsters aged 12 to 23.