ARTLAB | Antwerp

ARTLAB: youngsters who want to work on an artistic project. In an open system they work on their own artistic projects over which they retain full responsibility. Art educators coach the youngsters in their creative processes.

The ARTLAB consists of two different time blocks: working time and reflection rounds. Youngsters meet each other at the ARTLAB once every fortnight. At the ARTLAB the youngsters are coached using a specific methodology, which consists of a road map and a creativity disc. The road map contains the different phases of an artistic project. The road map defines the long-term steps that have to be taken in an artistic project. The creativity disc guides the youngsters in their creative behaviour. The creativity disc defines the short-term steps that have to be taken in an artistic project. Each working time block is followed by a reflection round.

The initiative for and the decisions about the artistic process and the results are entirely in their hands. Youngsters have gone on record stating that, to them, this way of coaching is unique, inspiring and motivating.