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KABUA 2.0 | Barcelona

"Kabua 2.0” is a Virtual Learning Community created by and for youngsters, between 12-30 years old. 

The project aims to provide youngsters from formal, non-formal and informal contexts with learning opportunities through Challenge-based Learning experiences in order to enable them to empower themselves in interaction with others to actively take part in society.

Kabua 2.0”is embedded within the Critical Action Research (CAR) methodology. We established that working with youngsters in a virtual environment needs to factor in: the appropriate collection of data, the critical analysis of data and making improvements and innovations, all in conjunction with the participants (youngsters and trainers).

In “Kabua 2.0” CAR is seen to emphasize participation, democracy and critical reflection to improve practice. CAR problematizes assumptions about knowledge and reality and seeks to challenge oppressive social structures and create conditions for a fair and equal society.